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San Diego Biomedical Research Institute, dba Diabetes and Chronic Disease Institute scientists study cancer, type 1 and type 2 diabetes, HIV vaccine development, cachexia, and obesity. This is a diverse set of conditions with appreciable differences, but there is a great deal of overlap among them. They are all associated with dysregulation in the immune system, metabolism, and inflammatory profile. Researchers explore their own specialties and work together to address questions related to more than one disease.

Our mission is to find new ways to predict and prevent cancer, diabetes and HIV infection, and to accelerate medical advances that maintain health and improve quality of life.

The structure and environment at SDBRI is designed to foster collaboration across disciplines and specialties and to encourage innovation. While individual research groups work on the disease areas in which they are experts, including cancer, type 1 and type 2 diabetes, and cachexia (severe muscle wasting), they also work together to identify possible overlap in biological processes that lead to more than one disease. In addition, joint programs between the HIV vaccine discovery program and scientists working in immunology, metabolism and inflammation are designed to maximize the impact of new generation vaccines.

Brainstorming sessions between investigators in the different disease areas are held regularly to identify important questions, write joint funding proposals, and coordinate the relevant scientific research. This arrangement maximizes the potential impact of their research for the benefit of the patient population.