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The Prostate Cancer Foundation has been a major catalyst for many of the scientific advances in prostate cancer research since 1993. PCF has awarded more than 2,000 projects that offer hope for improving outcomes in patients with prostate cancer. These high-impact projects include clinical research to evaluate new drugs, novel treatment strategies for prostate cancer and basic scientific research to better understand the biology of prostate cancer.

PCF grant funding has led directly to many advances in comprehending the underlying mechanisms of prostate cancer, including identification of the genetic changes that might cause cells in the prostate to become cancerous; interference with the development of blood vessels that feed nutrients to cancer cells; identification of prostate cell surface markers that can be targeted to destroy cancerous cells; and development of analytical methods that identify the proteins in blood or the prostate that correlate to treatment effect or behavior of the cancer cell.

At the same time, the Prostate Cancer Foundation has funded key clinical trials as part of its efforts to shorten the time between drug development and FDA approval. Since 1993, the PCF has funded the discovery and/or early clinical development of such diverse agents as monoclonal antibodies that directly target prostate cancer cells, bisphosphonates for the prevention and treatment of bone metastases, and endothelin-A receptor antagonists. Importantly, six of the nine new drugs for prostate cancer patients that have gained FDA approval since 2002, were supported by PCF-funding at some point during their discovery or development. Each of these agents is poised to make a significant impact on the outcomes of patients with prostate cancer.