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From basic science to clinical trial designs, the National Brain Tumor Society partners with the world's leaders in research, public policy, and clinical care to advance the understanding of brain tumors, expand the availability of new treatments, and drive the discovery of a cure. With targeted programs for both adult and pediatric brain tumors, as well as other strategic initiatives to improve access and approvals of newfound discoveries, we drive bold, innovative programs to ensure a brighter future.Our Impact

Money raised by the generous donations of our supporters has specifically funded groundbreaking discoveries and programs including:

  • Funding and leading research initiatives with the foremost brain tumor experts in the world,
  • Treatment discovery and development initiatives,
  • Clinical trials with leading biopharmaceuticals companies to increase drug development and create new options for treatment,
  • Critical platforms and processes for sharing cutting-edge medical and research information,
  • Advocacy and public policy initiatives to influence government legislation, regulations, and policy,
  • And finally, investing in our talented, unique and influential staff in order to drive these research and public policy advancements.