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Based on recommendations from our prestigious Medical Advisory Board, the Leukemia Research Foundation provides research grants to scientists around the world. The LRF exclusively funds New Investigators - individuals who are beginning to establish their own laboratories and are no longer under the tutelage of a senior scientist mentor. These one year grants are $100,000 each, an impressive amount that allows innovative scientists to act on their ideas, and try new procedures and experiments that will lead to significant breakthroughs.

Over the years, the LRF has funded hundreds of research scientists and projects on five different continents with our exclusive focus on New Investigators.

In 1946, the Leukemia Research Foundation (LRF) was established in Chicago to memorialize 12-year-old Sherwin Pessin. Leukemia was a well-known but not well understood disease. For Sherwin, as well as thousands of other children and adults, there was no hope and no possibility for a cure.

Since that time more than 70 years ago, the Leukemia Research Foundation has raised more than $70 million in pursuit of our mission (goals): Dedicated to conquering all blood cancers by funding research into their causes and cures and enriching the quality of life of those touched by these diseases.