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Concern Foundation is an independent, volunteer-driven organization conceived in 1968 by a group of friends who wanted to make sure their dollars counted in the fight against cancer.

With 90-95% of net proceeds (based on 2015 financial audit) going directly to research, Concern has raised more than $60 million dollars and funded 750 cancer research scientists studying cancer, primarily in the areas of cancer genetics, cell biology, and immunology.

By specifically targeting promising post- doctoral scientists and providing critically needed "seed" money for innovative projects, Concern Foundation bridges the gap that currently exists in the scientific research community.CONCERN Foundation has raised over $58 million for cancer research during its 48-year history. Since 1968, Concern Foundation has funded well over 750 pediatric and adult cancer researchers worldwide studying many forms of cancer, primarily in the areas of immunology, immunotherapy, and the genetics of cancer. Concern specifically funds researchers who lack financial support for their first major research project and provides critically needed start-up funds for promising projects. By focusing funding to new investigators, Concern helps to bridge a gap that currently exists in the scientific research community. It is difficult for new investigators to obtain initial grants from major funding sources without sound data. At the same time, it is difficult to obtain sound data without funding.